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Bob Bryar Biography

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Bob Bryar Bio


Bob Bryar was born December 31st, 1979, in Illinois. Bob is the drummer for My Chemical Romance.

Bob replaced Matt Pelissier

He replaced Matt Pelissier in 2001. There is not too much information on Matt, and My Chemical Romance doesn't talk much about him because they "don't like to talk shit", but it seems that Matt was kicked out of the band because he kept messing up onstage, plus no one was happy playing shows together anymore.

My Chemical Romance

Bob was once a drum tech for The Used, and met My Chemical Romance while on tour with The Used. My Chemical Romance had trouble with their old drummer, so it was a given they needed a new one. That's when Bob here comes in. He's helped My Chemical Romance out a lot and is one of the best new drummers going today. With his own style, Bryar is now a permanent drummer of My Chemical Romance.

Favorite bands, injuries

Bob is a fan of Black Sabbath and thinks England is cold. He has his ears gaged at 24, and next time you see him, make sure to gaze into those baby blues of his. Unfortunately, he has gotten hurt. Some are minor injuries and other.. not-so-minor. He was once pushed out of a bus, as well as receiving a busted nose from a bar fight with security tough guy. He has had is heart broken (long story), and well, as for the brain damage.. he refuses to comment. from