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Ray Toro Biography

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Ray Toro Bio


Raymond Toro Ortiz was born July 15, 1977 in Newark, New Jersey. He was born with brown eyes, and grew up to be 6'1".


Growing up, his mother was always very protective, and in junior high to impress a girl he stuck a piece of Runts candy in his nose (like a booger), but it ended up getting stuck in his nose and he had to go to the nurse to get it taken out. He went to the same high school as Gerard & Mikey, and they were 'loose friends'. He also used to have a pet dog called boy, growing up in a Puerto Rican household.

My Chemical Romance

Ray is the lead guitarist for My Chemical Romance and he and Gerard met while studying in a music school in New York and formed the band together. Toro is in large part responsible for all the My Chemical Romance instrumentals, as well as writing the majority of My Chemical Romance's music, and often helps Frank write his guitar music. He plays a SG Gibson Guitar: SG Series, which has a mahogany body with a rosewood fingerboard.

Favorite bands, injuries, girlfriend

His favorite band is Iron Maiden, but still makes time for classic music every now and then. A few injuries he's gotten over the years include "Guitar Burn". It's similar to rug burn, and generally affects the forearm area; some specialists attribute it to sweat, friction, and intense rocking. A large gash in the head, caused by getting cracked in the head with Frank's guitar. Oh, and one brutally nasty hangnail. He also says that My Chemical Romance are always writing material on tour because they are so eager to make a new album. Toro wears contacts and has a girlfriend named Christa. from