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Frank Iero Biography

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Frank Iero Bio


Frank Anthony Iero was born on October 31st, 1981 (making him a Scorpio), in Belleville, New Jersey (which he prefers to big cities such as New York or L.A.). Not many people know how to say his last name, which is correctly pronounced "eye-year-oh". Frank is 5'4" and has hazel eyes with a dark drown natural hair color (now dyed black).

Family & Childhood

He grew up with his mom, Linda, who divorced his dad (who has greatly influenced him over the years). Just like fellow band mate Gerard Way, he has been playing in bands since he was eleven. Frank went to a catholic school growing up, where he learned to tie a tie. He was bullied in high school, but must've pulled himself together to endure four long years of Rutgers University.

My Chemical Romance

He currently is the rhythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance, and is the youngest member of the band. He plays an Epiphone Les Paul Elite Series and uses Marshall JCM900 and Sun Cabinet Amps. He was recruited after the band decided they needed another guitarist (in addition to Ray Toro) to fill out the sound. He also dropped out of college (and another band, "Pencey Prep") to pursue the band full time.

Tattoos and piercings

Frank has many tattoos and piercings, including a tattoo of the letters "N" and "J" inside his lip (it stands for New Jersey, where he grew up), a jack-o-lantern, which he got on his 18th birthday (October 31--Halloween), and the word "HALLOWEEN" tattooed on his fingers (one finger has two L's so it all fits).

Favorite bands and interests

Some of his favorite bands are Black Flag, American Nightmare, The Bouncing Souls, and The Beastie Boys. Frank loves reading books, especially the Harry Potter series. He unfortunately has suffered from Bronchitis and ear infections, as well as two broken toes, four chipped teeth, lacerations to hands, knees, and his head, numerous contusions and bruises, and endured a nasty case of mono. Alas, he still smokes. Frank Iero admires Billie Joe Armstrong (front man of the delicious punk band Green Day) so much he learned to play guitar by imitating him. He also plans on buying a guitar that looks like Billie Joe's. from